She’s a Writer is a West Midlands based freelance copywriter who truly loves crafting the written word. Started during covid, the original branding was self created and did the job to begin within. 

To achieve their desired branding, we embarked on an immersive exploration of various design elements, including typography, color schemes, and logo concepts. Our aim was to strike a perfect balance between professionalism and creativity, capturing the dynamic nature of the client’s copywriting services. 

Through close collaboration and valuable feedback, we refined our ideas to ensure the final designs resonated with the target audience. By skillfully blending clean lines, vibrant colors, and typography with personality, we created a visual identity that authentically represents ‘She’s a Writer’s’ unique essence.


She's a Writer


Brand Identity
Packaging Design
Promotional Material

Brand application

The culmination of our efforts is a cohesive and compelling branding project that impeccably embodies the spirit of ‘She’s a Writer.’ The carefully crafted logo showcases the art of storytelling by seamlessly blending an ink pen iconograghy, symbolizing the team’s dedication to creating engaging narratives. 

The selected color palette, featuring warm pinks and soothing yellow, speaks to their creativity and professionalism, striking a harmonious balance. This comprehensive branding project positions ‘She’s a Writer’ as a trusted and reputable copywriting company, ready to assist clients in their pursuit of impactful and persuasive written content.


“I’m thrilled with my new logo and brand guidelines that Adam has delivered.

I wanted to elevate my business with a more upmarket look and feel, while still retaining its warmth and personality. Adam instantly ‘got’ what I was looking for and presented several great concepts, before refining my chosen logo. I’d be happy to recommend Adam an an excellent creative designer and look forward to working with him again in the future!”

Sarah Mullaney | Owner